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About Us

QUTN Cotton (QC) was established in 2012, selling only ready-made traditional baju kurung for children. Now, shoppers can expect to be spoilt for choice. 

Exemplifying beauty, comfort and fun, each piece unquestionably lives and breathes of quality. Parents would turn to QC for their girl’s dream wardrobe. With an array of colours and designs to choose from, prepare to never go out of the store emptyhanded.

QUTN (قطن) is equivalent to the Arabic term for cotton, which denotes the endless possibilities that the label offers for its cotton admirers. With products mainly made of Japanese cotton, we also offer a variety of other loveable fabrics within their designs.

We offer shoppers only the best! Carefully designed to meet the needs of our customers, products on offer cater to children aged 2-12 and young adults. From casual wear, long dresses (Jubah), Baju Kurung to Telekung, there’s nothing that will stop the girls from always feeling and looking great! 

Have fun browsing our collection & Happy Shopping!